Training Camp

It takes a few moments in the season in which the focus is essentially oriented to training, feeding, recovery and rest, associated with conviviality and team spirit.

The Training Camps we organize provide a permanent technical accompaniment, adjusted to the level of each athlete, and with support valences that make these activities at times that allow athletes to feel for a few true professional days. All planning is prepared according to the needs of athletes and has the collaboration of several coaches to provide support, guides in training, masseuses and mechanics, among others.

The menus are specially prepared by nutritionists with extensive experience in the area of sports performance and several thematic lectures are prepared that aim to share our experiences or our special guests.

Because we believe that the presence of the family is important, we create specific programs for the companions, who can enjoy the units selected at special rates.

We both organize regular 3-day Training Camps during weekends, and prepare activities tailored for variable time periods and tailored to the needs of each group/team.

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